Coolest Meditation Ever Team Ken Sheetz & Elizabeth England

How Real Estate and Film Led to Founding

Ken Sheetz has enjoyed a 25 year and highly successful marketing and service career that includes the development of Oprah’s Harpo Studios and a $163 million Chicago skyscraper. Ken left the real estate business in 2003 to pursue his dream of becoming a filmmaker. Working in ‘Hollywood’ Ken has produced over 400 films and counting.

Ken’s work in raising funding for his films led to his becoming one the world’s foremost crowding funding experts, having raised $2 million thus far. Ken saw that people wanted to have great perks for and so he teamed of up with visionaries of spirit science like Patrick Flanagan, James Wanless and now Blushield co-founder Mark Langford.  This led to entire new business for Ken proving cool tools for consciousness.

On August 8th Ken and his partner Elizabeth launched as an spinoff of their very popular website.

Elizabeth England has enjoyed a distinguished career in the military and corporate in diverse areas that share the common trait of getting things done and done right. Her social media world many web designs for top talents in the conscious community led her to meeting Ken and teaming up with him to bring the CoolestTechEver to the world for a better today and tomorrow to come.

Ken and Elizabeth are dedicated to bring you the finest service of your CTE products.


Elizabeth was gifted a subscription to Nexus magazine where ads for the Blueshield electromagnetic protection devices caught her eye. We ordered one for home and were amazed when we felt the atmosphere in our home feel calmer as soon as we plugged it in.  In the following weeks we felt more relaxed and happy.  Not long after we received a message from Blushield thanking us for the order and congratulating us on our work with Dr. Patrick Flanagan and asking us if we’d like to share the product with our tribe of friends, family and associates. Of course we said YES!  Now we have three portables and two home units so we can share them with friends to try out.   Bringing this beneficial technology to as many people as possible will create a healthier and happier world.

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