• Quality alloy Stereo Headset
  • Suitable for all phones with a 3.5mm jack
  • Silicone ear buds (2 replacements)
  • Easy to use one click call and one click hang up
  • Silicone tube air tube
  • Suitable for tablets and phones
  • Prevent radiation from reaching inner ear
  • Clear piped sound
  • Stereo ear piece ensures quality sound

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Radiation Free Stereo Headset comes in Blue alloy stereo configuration headset. This configuration allows for excellent sound quality while listening to music or you can take a call without exposing your inner ear to induced radiation.

AirTube stereo headset reduces the radiation during a call by eliminating the wire to the in ear speaker and replacing it with an AirTube. The AirTube stops the microwave signal from reaching your inner ear, thus reducing RF to your brain by 99.9%. This may prevent any thermal effects (heating of tissue) that maybe harmful to the user of the phone.

Replace your standard headset with an AirTube headset. Airtubes headsets have unsurpassed sound quality with exceptional clarity. AirTube stereo comes with a left and right ear piece for use with mobile phones, tablets, iPods or mp3 players.

Radiation Free Stereo Headset is made from high quality anodized aircraft alloy. It features a click to call and a click to hang up button. Spare silicone ear buds are provided to suit any size ear. This a necessary device in todays world. Reducing microwave exposure to the inner ear reduces your risk for adverse health effects from using mobile phones. Any induced microwaves are stopped at the built in speaker before the air tube.

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Weight 3 oz

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