Male Infertility caused by cell phone radiation.For decades, Dr. Devra Davis has been at the forefront of scientific study of the health effects of environmental pollution. Her work was instrumental to end smoking in airplanes. Yes, people used to smoke on planes! Her most recent work is initiating health studies on the effects of mobile phones and wireless radiation on adults and children. The most conclusive evidence of health risks associated with cell phone damage has been to human sperm. Cell phone radiation reduces fertility in men. She has great concern that these devices have not been tested for safety in children because most of us just didn’t think we’d be seeing their use by children become so common.  With the rapid expansion of this technology into schools, the time is now to get the facts about the effects of EMF on human bodies, especially vulnerable growing bodies. If EMF is causing male infertility, what is it doing to our children? MOST IMPORTANT TAKEAWAYS below the video.


  • EMF damages DNA. All phones ship with a warning: Don’t carry any phone next to the body unless it is in Airplane Mode.
  • Carrying phones in pockets or bras has been conclusively linked to the development of cancer and infertility.
  • Use air buds to keep the phone away from the brain during calls.
  • Never allow children to use tablets that are not on Airplane Mode because they are highly susceptible to EMF exposure.
  • Protect unborn children from EMF – the fetus is highly susceptible.
  • Never use a device on your lap unless it is on Airplane Mode.
  • Ask your government to update the safety standards through updated, comprehensive, independent testing funded through a .02 (2 cent) fee added to every cell phone bill.


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